November 26, 2022

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What are some ways to start a business?

Business Startup

Starting a business requires a recipe and here are the ingredients


Every business starts with an idea. But I did not write the word ‘Idea’ in bold, but ‘Vision’ because the idea is not a bar, your vision. Let me tell you a little secret: your idea is not unique. Someone may have already done something about your idea and there is a finished product. But let me tell you another secret: your vision is unique. What you do with the idea makes a difference in your view. No one can approach the view you see with your idea. Focus on the vision, not the idea. Defend your vision and sell the idea.


You have a great idea and a great vision to go with it, awesome. You have done 0.0000001% of the work. Next is research. This is one of the most important ingredients in determining the direction of your business. Do market research every day and get to know your consumer site.


If you think you’re going to host a One Man Show, I have some bad news for you. Do not start alone. Find people and reach out to them. Don’t be shy in asking for their help. Most people will leave you after wasting your time, but these are all just part of the process. Keep moving from one co-founder to another and you will eventually find someone who will be your soul mate.


Business is an art form and should be treated as such. Learn everything that will help you build a better business. Read books, listen to podcasts and follow guides. The more you work on yourself, the clearer your vision will be.


Be competitive in anything. Price, quality, experience, service This is not a bar.  If you can not distinguish yourself, consumers can not.